Company’s History

Founded by William Newman in 1967 as a hot dog and baloney company in Brooklyn, New York, Arnold’s Meats serviced the local neighborhood grocers and residents.

From what began in a small Green Point, Brooklyn neighborhood, Arnold’s Meats grew quickly over the past few decades, expanding into two facilities in Brooklyn and finally into their Pennsylvania location.

Still family-owned, after more than 40 years, Arnold’s Meats grew into producing smoked sausage then further expanded into down-home staples, like scrapple, chorizos, kielbasa and bacon under the brand names Arnold’s Meats, Caroline Sausage and El Cerdito.

Known for its variety of southern flavors, sage spices and colorful boxes, Arnold’s Meats is continuing to expand their product line into new recipes and flavors, offering such unique product alternatives as Turkey Bacon and Smoked Beef Bacon Sausage.


Arnold’s, Caroline’s and El Cerdito products can be found in supermarkets, local grocers, specialty food stores, food service companies and restaurant chains nationally.