How can I get free shipping?
Free shipping is available for orders totaling $100 or over.

How do you ship your products to make sure they arrive fresh?
All orders are packaged with ice packs and shipped via FedEx 2-day air service.

Can you ship to England?
No. We are only able to ship within the continental United States.

I want to buy your sausage, but I live west of the Mississippi River. What can I do?
You can call us at (800) 633-7023 to place your order with expedited shipping or check our store locator page to see if there is a local store near you who carries our products.

How soon will you ship out my order?
Orders received on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning generally ship next day. Orders received after 12pm Wednesday may not ship until the following Monday.

I need my order ASAP. What can I do?
If your order is time sensitive, please call us at: (800) 633-7023.

How much does shipping cost?
Please see our shipping page for rates.

How do you calculate your shipping costs?
Our shipping charge covers FedEx 2-day service and specialized ice-packet packaging, which is bulky and heavy. Unfortunately, we have discovered this is the best way to get your order to you while it is still fresh. Please know that we do not include any handling charges or profit in any way from the shipping charges.


What is the difference between natural and artificial casings?
Natural casings are made from pork while artificial casings are made from vegetable components. A natural casing is more porous, allowing the flavors of the sausage to blend with the flavors in the remainder of the dish while cooking. Artificial casing is known for its “pop” when cutting or biting and how it keeps the sausages moist and retains the flavors.

Are all sausages fully cooked?
Yes, all Arnold’s/ Caroline Brand sausages are fully cooked.

Is there any pork in turkey sausage? (See Pork Free Section)
The following products are pork-free:
Sausage – Smoked Beef, Hot Beef, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Beef Bacon (Arnold's 16oz Package)
Kielbasa – Beef, Turkey
Bacon – Beef, Turkey( Arnold's 16oz Package)
Scrapple – Beef, Turkey

How long will fresh sausage last in the refrigerator before spoiling?
An unopened package of sausage will remain fresh up to 90 days (40F), while an opened package must be used within 7 days. Please refer to the expiration date listed on the package for time and safety concerns.

Can you freeze and reheat sausage?
Yes, sausage products are easy to freeze and reheat. Just allow them to thaw naturally, then prepare as instructed on the packaging. Product can be separated and placed in freezer bags and stored in freezer for up to a year.

Are your non-pork sausage products kosher?
No, our products are not certified as kosher.

Where can I find nutritional information?
Nutritional information is available on request from quality@arnolds-sauagage.com and will be posted to our website shortly.

What are the safe cooking temperatures?
Safe cooking temperatures are as follows: Beef Products 160 F;  Poultry Products 165 F;  Pork Products 160 F


How do I send you my recipe for a chance to win free products?
Just email us your recipe, name, address and email to recipes@arnolds-sausage.com for a chance to win.