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    Free shipping is only available for states East of the Mississippi totaling $100 or more.

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    All orders are packaged with ice packs and shipped via FedEx 2-day service.

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    No. We are only able to ship within the continental United States.

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    You can call us at (800) 633-7023 to place your order with expedited shipping or check our store locator page to see if there is a local store near you who carries our products.

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    Orders received on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning generally ship next day. Orders received after 12pm Wednesday may not ship until the following Monday.

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    If your order is time sensitive, please call us at: (800) 633-7023.

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    Please see our shipping page for rates.

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    Our shipping charge covers FedEx 2-day service and specialized ice-packet packaging, which is bulky and heavy. Unfortunately, we have discovered this is the best way to get your order to you while it is still fresh. Please know that we do not include any handling charges or profit in any way from the shipping charges.


Mr. Goldberger started this company making hot dogs, bologna, liverwurst, boiled hams and luncheon loaf.

In 1967 the business was sold to a man named Mr. William Newman. He was a man in his 30's and working in the coat business and wanted to try something a little new and different in the area. So he did. The Arnolds brand was now making sausage. Arnolds meats began to grow and grow rapidly. The sausage brand became well known in the New York area for its "Southern Style" flavor, smell and appearance.

The company began it's journey in the late 1960's with about 25 employees. In the first year the net sales were about $1 million dollars. With the products being sold only in the New York area they did not need to be USDA inspected only state inspected. In 1970-1971 Mr. Newman added another brand name to the company, Carolina Sausage. Each product is known by the color of the box it is in more so then the name of the product. In the early 1970's the company hired Ben Gold. Mr. Gold played an instrumental part, over the next 40 years, with the Arnold's and Caroline Meats family. Mr. Gold headed up the sales team, to where he was able to expand the company into New Jersey . Ben also had a huge hand in the company becoming a Federally Inspected meat plant (USDA). In the late 1970's Arnold's expanded to Pennsylvania, and we are currently in 35 states. Our brightly colored boxes are prominently displayed up and down the East coast. In the early 1980's a second building was purchased in the Greenpoint section of New York due to the business outgrowing the Heyward street building. The company had gone to two shifts six days a week with an occasional Sunday. In 1985 a third building was leased in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. This plant was under the management of Sheldon Dosik, Vince "Jimmy" Capaci and Mr. Bill Newman. About a year into the operations Mr. Newman had passed away. This building was 3-4 times larger than the Heyward street plant and due to not enough management this building closed in 1986. With the two buildings operating at full capacity it was still difficult to keep up with the orders. It was then decided by some key people in the business that another building was needed. The search had begun in 1988 for an additional building. Two buildings had been looked at, one was in Clifton NJ and the other in Scranton Pa. With lots of discussions neither building was suitable to fit the needs they were looking for. The search had continued when a building was found in 1992 in Bensalem, PA. It happened to be the Frito Lay building. It was already set up with refrigeration, machinery and LOTS of space. The building was purchased and the doors opened for business on August 17, 1992. It started with Approximately 20 employees and one delivery truck. The Business in Pa was named Family Food Products. The name originated from the then owner Mrs. Shefsky. It was a family owned business and she had strong beliefs in family values along with treating their employees and customers as though they were family also. Through the years as the company was flourishing and so were the people. Marriages had begun, babies were being born along with the gains and losses of some very valuable people. Some moved to other areas, some were lost to retirement such as , Pete Mueller, Marsela Loftin ,Margie Barfield, Jose Frade' and Sally Oettinger and some we lost through death such as Ben Gold,Chris Wilson, Vincent "Jimmy" Capaci ,Washington Sacco, Eric Epich, Barbara Johnson ,Johnny D, Al Weber and Cheryl Pepe.They are all greatly missed. It started as Carolina which was a strong southern name which eventually evolved into the Caroline brand. The product packaging, the box, needed some appeal and it got just that. As the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Newman, were driving through some of the ethnic areas of New York they noticed the prominent display of colors throughout the neighborhood, which gave them an idea. The color of the box was revamped and brought to life with lots of vibrant color. The company was very fortunate to have a few seasoned New York employees to help get Family Food Products in the position it is in today. They brought their knowledge and training experience to the new employees in Pennsylvania. Those people {were) are Al Weber , Vince Capaci ,Carlos O'Neill {38 years), Jose Frade' and Ruben Martinez (37 Years). Our employees range from 20 years old to 80 years of age. In 2001 the business was sold to Sheldon Dosik. Mr. Dosik has been in the meat business for 47 years as of 2023. Mr. Dosik had started in 1977 under the wing of Mr. Newman. He was 23 years old, fresh out of college and dating his college sweetheart, Laurie, which he married in_ 1976. Over the next few decades Sheldon would learn all the facets of the company which has expanded the hot dog business into a well known sausage brand. The brand now includes and extensive Hispanic line along with Turkey items that continue to expand our ever growing portfolio. In our first week of opening in 1992 the company produced 11,000 pounds in a week to 2.5 million pounds in its first year. Family Food Products began to boom with business. With the business going so well in Pennsylvania, and with this spacious buildings ability to produce millions of pounds of product the operations in New York were ceased in 1996 and the decision was made to use the Brooklyn New York plant for distribution only. In 1998 we had 85 employees and worked many hours of overtime with Saturdays thrown in time to time. The purchase of this building seemed to be the Golden ticket for the new owner. Today, 31 years later ,we now have 8 delivery trucks, a sales force and still producing and adding new products. Today our New York office is an important link to the Pennsylvania office. The building generates sales and is a storage facility which in turn , product gets sold and delivered right from this location.

We have maintained free shipping for purchases over $100.00 for many years. With the constant increases from Federal Express , as of September 29, 2022, free shipping will no longer be offered.